Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well, here it is! Welcome to the site I'll be trying to keep at least moderately updated while spending the next two years in Kyrgyzstan. I can't promise too much given that I'll probably have limited internet access/ I tend to be a horrible procrastinator, but I'll do my best.

For those who haven't heard the basics, I'm leaving today (!) for a two-year stint with the Peace Corps in Central Asia. After a three month orientation in my host country, I'll be teaching English as a foreign language to Kyrgyz students. I will, of course, be wanting to hear all about what's happening back home, so please please please send me emails even if I barely know you, or if your emails consist of what you did at work today or what you made for dinner. I promise I'll love getting them even if I don't respond in a timely manner. Also, if you feel the urge to physically send me something, you can send it to this address during orientation:

725000, Kant City
97 Lenina Street, RUPS
Mailbox #22
Hannah Yoder

I'll have a new address once I move to my permanent site, so I'll be sure to post that later. I think this is all for now. My next post will come from overseas!


  1. Hannah! I love and miss you. Best of luck in your adventures and you will surely be hearing from me. Take care!

  2. you're already faster than i was getting a blog going! :) i love you, safe travels!

  3. Can you believe I figured this 'posting' out by myself?!I'll work on the picture later. LOVE YOU!! ~mom

  4. hannah...i cant believe you left already! i will miss you and love you!

  5. Yeah, peace corps! I thought about doing that for a while, but then, as you know, other things happened. I wish you the best! Kia and I will probably be living in LA after this summer, so if you're ever on a layover at LAX on your way back home or something, let us know and we'll meet up!

  6. Hi Hannah,
    I am testing this out to see if it really goes through.. My faithful computer man walked me through the steps to post a blog on your sight.
    This is a test to see if it goes through alright.

  7. okay.. it did go through, so I want to say.. we were so happy to hear you have arrived in your country safe and sound, and by now must be living with your host family.
    We wish the very best for you Hannah..
    We love you and I pray for you daily.
    It feels lik SUMMER here today.. all of a sudden it is 80 degrees and a very warm blustery wind.. almost like from the heater to the air conditioner! Yikes.. I hope not yet.
    Love you lots and think you are very courageous going into this adventure but think it will be very rewarding experience for you.
    Grandma Mellinger

  8. Sheesh, sounds like Bilkek is going crazy. Hope you aren't being directly affected by the conflict over there. Stay safe!

  9. Excuse me, Bishkeck. I meant Bishkeck.

  10. Hannah, Wish we could hear your take on the situation. I trust you are busy learning the language, getting to know your host family, etc, etc. Praying that things will settle down for the people in Kyrgyzstan. We Love you! ~mom

  11. Looking forward to reading your blog! -Cynthia

  12. Think about you everyday and imagine the news we hear is much worse than it actually is where you are. Love you.